Goblins 1.5 and a Giant

Hi guys!  Just a quick update today.  The undisputed king of the goblins is Kev Adams, so imagine how I felt when I found these beauties on Black Hat Miniatures…


Pretty lovely hey?  And they are available in packs of 4 for £5.50 or 20 for £22.  He’s also done similar goblins with spears and hand weapons (although you’d need to add your own shields).  My favourite so far though are these Goblin Wolf Riders who could be used as Night Goblin wolf riders.  Nice to have a good looking option to put into those all NG lists!


These beauts cost £12 for 4 models.  A tad more expensive than the GW equivalent but I think they are much better looking.

Black Hat also produce a really nice range of Forest Goblins.  They aren’t quite as nice as the Kev Adams goblins, but they’d still make a pretty lovely army.  £22 for 20 including command.


And one final note…  Black Hat do what I would consider probably my favourite Giant miniature I’ve ever seen.  Take a look at this for £20.


That’s all for today!

Black Hat Miniatures


Goblins 1

I’m going to do all Goblins (Common, Night, Forest) all as one big mashup.  Firstly because I think you use what you want for what you want, and secondly, lazy.

For those of you hoping to do all Goblin lists (and kudos to you if you are), the main priority could well be price.  If price is the main concern to you, GWs are actually the low end of the market.  £20 for 20 seems to be the ball park number from GW, so it’s a serious contender, especially with plenty of the BFSP Night Goblins still floating around for pence.  However, that’s not the point of this blog so lets start looking at the alternatives.  First post on Goblins is going to feature the alternatives that are cheaper/cheapish.  Second blog will focus on those of you with good jobs/deep pockets.

2254.1.368.368.FFFFFF.0 Goblin-Spitters

And there we have it.  You all knew they were coming.  Mantic Goblins.  Pretty decent sculpts from the Number 2 company in the UK.  The Rabble (HW/S) Goblins aren’t that cheap.  14.99 for 20.  You are only saving £5 on the miniatures, but again, over 200 Minis that’s a pretty good lump (Almost enough for 84 squig alternatives).  Having said that, if you take a look at the spitters (bows), you can get a horde.  40 goblins for 24.99.  Much bigger saving and dare I comment on actually playing the game (I’m terrible), more useful.  Mantic (being much nicer people than Games Workshop) also occasionally have sales, and the horde of spitters was recently on sale for 14.99.  For 40 decent models.  What was that about wargaming being an expensive hobby again?

On a personal note, I went down to Mantic Games to pick up a mail order last year and would like to point out how lovely and welcoming everyone there was.  Seems like an excellent company, and I can’t wait to see what else they produce this year.  I’ve been meaning to start playing the actual Kings of War game too, but haven’t got round to it yet!

Next up we have West Wind productions.  Better known for a few different games they are still solid producers of 28mm fantasy models.  Their Goblin range is far more unique than the generic fantasy greenskins, looking some how meaner and goofier than most others.

West Wind!

West Wind!

Now the first point to make is that those are 25mm bases they are mounted on.  Big models for Goblins.  Having said that if you are really trying to move away from the GW look you probably couldn’t get much better than these.  What’s more the price is pretty attractive too.  £12 for 10 metal models.  Not often you read that any more.  They come in a variety of Spears, Axes and Bows, so pretty much got all three options nailed down.  Link at the bottom.

My favourite find of the day has to be these little guys.  Sand Goblins.  Perhaps an army based on the borders of the deserts might suit these better than those living in the jungles, or maybe you could just paint them up black and use them as Night Goblins.

447f96d6458d693dc0bc60ecbc3a483a.image.304x300 826571fad58abc2a56a378a899debe9f.image.244x300

They are available from Black Cat Bases and cost £10 for a pack of 10.  Same price, give or take, as Games Workshop.  They’ve got quite a lot of character and certainly a unique look in comparison to other Fantasy Goblins.  Alternatively they might make quite interesting Sneaky Stabbas.  Speaking of which, check out this cool cat.


He’s available from CP Models, and unfortunately, there is only one like him.  Still, very nice model to have jump out and Killing Blow everything.  Twice as nice at only £1.55.  We’ll be seeing a lot more from CP models I feel in future posts.  Links at the bottom.

Finally in the cheapish/cheapo/cheapest post we can have a look at these next guys.  They are Orcs by design, but I think they appear to be small enough to represent common gobbos.

orc warband ga (1)

These again are from CP Models (I really love them) and cost £7.25 for the models you see in above.  That’s the downside.  A little more expensive, and a limited range.  Only 5 models might get a little repetitive, but probably passable as a Goblin unit of 30 or so in an Orc and Goblin army.  Links are below.

That concludes the cheapest of the cheap, next up we will be looking at the slightly more expensive and possibly better looking options.

Mantics Goblins

Westwinds Goblins

Black Cat Bases Sand Goblins

CP Models Orcs and Goblins


Squigs, Squigs and possibly more Squigs.

Squigs are an Orcs and Goblins classic.  To my understanding, they are an original Games Workshop creation.  That might make things a little bit more difficult to find models from other companies that aren’t a direct rip off of the idea.

Around 12 months ago I started a Night Goblin only army, and the process of scraping about ebay for a couple of months looking for cheap squigs was to say the least – boring.  I came across these little beauties back then.

Lovely Dungers!

Lovely Dungers!

They are available from Ramshackle Games (link at the bottom of the post) and cost £10 for 6, or £3 individually.  There is plenty of ridden ones (but we will get to that later) as well as armoured and so forth.  There is also a photograph on the website showing the size of the models, and unfortunately, I’d suggest they are slightly too large to mount individually on 20mm bases for the squig herds.  However, I feel that these could make excellent unit fillers on 40×40 bases, and possibly even as 3 or so on a base with a few chains added to make a mangler.  4x20mm bases worth for less than £1.50 anyone?

The following chaps are something I found a few weeks ago whilst considering this blog.  I introduce to you…


The War Haggis!

Black Hat miniatures produce these nasty little buggers as part of their High Dwarfs range.  Would it feel too dirty to use a dwarf miniature in a Goblin unit?  Probably not when they cost £5.50 for 6.  On top that that, those are 25mm bases they are placed upon so about perfect size for 20mm Squig bases.  They would also go fantastically well with the Dunger unit fillers, and painting wise very simple.

With those two alternatives put forward today you could get a whopping 84 bases of squigs for £65.  84 bases of squigs from GW is a whopping £255.  Bargain.

And before I sign off to go and do more research, here is some links to the sellers.

Blackhat Miniatures War Haggis 

Ramshackle Games Dungers


Orcs, Goblins and everything in between.

First post and let’s start off with a bit of an explanation.  For the record, I’m a huge fan of Games Workshop miniatures.  I think for the most part, they produce some of the best miniatures in the world (especially the larger kits) and certainly the most commonly played rule sets in the world.  One of the negatives commonly linked with Games Workshop is price.  Simply put – it’s expensive.  For the casual player building up over the course of a few months, maybe even a year, the cost isn’t too prohibitive, but for those of us who for whatever reason want everything right now in one go, those few extra pennies, pounds and tenners quickly add up in your virtual shopping cart.


For others, they aren’t a fan of the models or company and for that reason would like to look elsewhere.  There is some excellent and lovely rule systems floating around the world, but often, if you don’t have enough time, it’s just easier to play the game that everyone knows, and can find a tournament for every weekend of the year.


For both types of people, this blog is going to explore, army by army, alternative models on the market.  Are you sitting comfortably?


First up, Orcs and Goblins!